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The Nag Pahar, the Snake Mountain, separates Pushkar from Ajmer, only 11 km to the north-west. It is an enchanting little town on the banks of a sacred lake which, together with its extremely rare Lord Bramha Temple, makes it one of the most important pilgrimages in Rajasthan. The Royal Camp at Pushkar takes place during the famous Pushkar Horse and Camel Fair and Festival of Brahma in October/November every year, the exact date ascertained according to the Indian lunar calendar.The traditional 'shikar' style camp consists of elegant and luxurious twin bedded tents with verandahs with deck-chairs in front and attached bathrooms with running hot water at the back; a spacious Mughal design Dining Tent; a charming Recreation Tent which serves as a lounge; and a huge bonfire every evening. It is located in large private grounds, flanked by rolling mustard fields in flower and rocky hills, and overlooking the bustling fair, only a short walk or camel ride away.

The Fair The extravagantly colorful Pushkar Fair, one of Rajasthan's holiest festivals and biggest camel, horse and live-stock fairs attracts devotees and buyers and sellers from all over the country, besides visitors from across the world. The exact date varies on the western calendar but always falls on the full moon of the Indian lunar calendar month of Kartik (see table below). More than 2,00,000 people lead in an estimated 50,000 camels besides other animals, including the famous Marwari Horse. Camel races, village theatre, a myriad stalls, holy men of every hue, all kinds of musicians and a host of entertainers and jugglers throng the town which throbs with activity throughout the day and night.

Temples Pushkar is the only place in the world where Lord Brahma, the Hindu God of Creation, one of the Holy Trinity, is worshipped. This unique Brahma Temple is situated on the lake while an hour long trek uphill takes one to the Savitri Temple dedicated to Brahma's consort, Savitri.

The Ghats A visit to any of the numerous bathing ghats is a profound spiritual experience as thousands of pilgrims take their holy dip in the sacred waters of Lake Pushkar to the rising accompaniment of religious chanting and pealing bells. The Jodhpur Ghats on the far side are amongst the most charming and peaceful.


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